Annual Hospital Reception

In 1985, the Association started the tradition of hosting an Annual Hospitality Reception at the ASHP MCM and then later at the ASHP Summer Annual Meeting. Many of the earlier receptions were held at local minority-owned restaurants and clubs in the host city of the MCM as means of supporting their businesses . The format varied somewhat over the years and would alternate between holding the venue at local businesses and the host hotels. For those who could not attend the luncheon, the reception was offered as an optional social and networking function. ABHP also saw the reception as another way to recruit new members. Information items from the Exhibit booth were brought to the receptions so they could be distributed to invitees and potential members. Contact information of the invitees was collected and later entered into a member database.
          On December 7, 1994, ABHP hosted the Annual Reception at the penthouse floors of the popular City Club of Miami. Members were shuttled from the convention hotels on Miami Beach to the downtown business club. The event was one of the highlights of the ABHP 17th Annual Meeting at the ASHP MCM. It included a very large number of local guests along with the members who were attending the MCM from out-of-town.