Wendell T. Hill Award


The Wendell T. Hill Award was established in 1997 by the ABHP to honor a pharmacist, with many of the qualities so brilliantly exemplified by Wendell T. Hill, who, through his/her dedication and commitment, has made significant contributions to the profession of pharmacy. In 1971, he was elected president of the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists (ASHP) and became the first black pharmacist to hold such a position in the history of the ASHP. He also served as Dean of the College of Pharmacy at Howard University and received the ASHP Harvey A. K. Whitney Lecture Award, “health-system pharmacy’s highest honor.”

Selection Criteria:
• All nominees must be a current member of ABHP and have at least ten years of practice experience since original licensure in any state.
• All nominees should demonstrate sustained practice excellence.
• The qualifications of the nominee must be supported by written evidence of his/her accomplishments, which should be based on one or more of the following professional activities:
Professional Practice: The individual should demonstrate a commitment to practice excellence, e.g. :
• The nominee should have implemented original concepts in either his/her institution or practice setting that had a significant impact on the quality of patient care, quality of pharmacy practice, and/or service.

Leadership: Leadership should be evidenced by promotion within the institutional setting or within professional and/or community organizations, e.g.:
• The nominee should have served as an elected officer of a national, state, regional or local pharmacy organization.
• The nominee should have served as a member of a pharmacy association policy-recommending body.
• The nominee may have served as a member of a committee, council, board, advisory group, task force or ad hoc group established by ABHP or a national pharmacy association and/or community organizations.
• The nominee should have served as a reviewer, editorial board member, or editor for a national, professional referred journal.
• The nominee should have served as a reviewer of papers submitted for presentation at a state or national pharmacy meetings.

Education: The nominee should have received successful recognition of educational activities to patients, health care professionals, and community organizations, e.g.:
• The nominee should demonstrate an ongoing level of involvement in and commitment of educating practitioners.
• The nominee should be actively involved in ongoing educational programs, e.g., the training or education of pharmacy students, nurses, and/or physicians.

Research: The nominee should have performed applied or practical pharmacy research that may have or has had a significant impact on the quality of patient care and/or cost containment.
• The nominee should have published scientific or professional papers on relevant topics in pharmacy journals, or textbooks; or published abstracts.
• The nominee should have presented papers at professional meetings.

Past Recipients Year
1997 - Arcelia Johnson-Fannin 
1998 - Bruce E. Scott  
1999 - Robert D. Gibson  
2000 - Marcellus Grace
2001 - Henry Lewis III  
2002 - Hewitt W. Matthews 
2004 - Johnny Early  
2005 - Jasper Watkins  
2008 - Janet Mighty  
2010 - John E. Clark 
2022 - Paul C. Walker